[4] In its initial protest, ES also argued that the agency improperly considered unstated evaluation criteria, challenged the agency’s determination that AT&T’s price was reasonable, and asserted that the award determination was inadequately documented. J.20, Proposal Evaluation Criteria (PEC), at 1. Indeed, ES acknowledges that the evaluators considered all portions of its proposal that addressed the topic area, and the protester does not argue that its proposal was evaluated unequally as compared to AT&T’s or that the agency relied on unstated evaluation criteria, for example. See Protest §§ V.C, V.D, and V.F. She also expressly acknowledged that AT&T’s proposal came at a “significant price premium.”  Id. Browse all our products here. AR, Tab 6, SSEB Report for ES, at 77-79. [13] The service delivery model ETA was the second most important evaluation topic area under one of the most important factors. D, SLAs, at 44-92 (service credits for each SLA). Id. [5]  Decl. See id.at 5-10. for Dismissal at 2; id., exh. Enterprise Services provides mission-enabling, shared-service solutions for the Department of Commerce. See Protest at 8-16; Comments/Supp. Over the next several pages, the SSA analyzed the “noteworthy and significant differences between the two proposals.”  Id. Indeed, ES concedes that the agency performed a “detailed analysis of what it considered to be the price difference discriminators between . Enterprise Services LLC (ES), of Herndon, Virginia, protests the award of a contract to AT&T Corporation, of Columbia, Maryland, pursuant to request for proposals (RFP) No. On November 1, 2018, Enterprise Services, LLC changed its name to Perspecta Enterprise Solutions LLC. . [18] The RFP also identified escalation factors for service credits that would be applied in the event the contractor failed to meet the required level of service for more than one month. AR, Tab 6, SSEB Report for ES, at 8. As the agency explains, the weakness primarily was based on the lack of detail regarding ES’s proposed approach. The evaluators identified six elements where ES met the requirements, and identified four strengths and two weaknesses. See id., Tab 1, HPES Proposal, vol. That is, ES does not contend that its proposal actually was misevaluated; rather, ES’s contention is that its proposal was mis-rated for this ETA. Dell Servs. Acquiring Organization: My IT My IT is a managed service provider for IT services to small and mid-sized businesses. Thereafter, Hewlett Packard effected a corporate transaction, which was completed on April 1, 2017, where Hewlett Packard spun off its enterprise services business, including the newly named ES (formerly HPES), into an independent, publicly traded company, which merged with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) to form a new entity, DXC Technology Company. Enterprise Services LLC (ES), of Herndon, Virginia, protests the award of a contract to AT&T Corporation, of Columbia, Maryland, pursuant to request for proposals (RFP) No. AR, Tab 11, RFP, at 1; PWS at 2. Those decisions stand for the proposition that a protester is not an interested party where it would not be in line for award were its protest to be sustained. AR, Tab 20, RFP amend. Protest at 30-31. 4, attach. In this respect, none of the strengths related to processes or methods for [DELETED], which was the focus of the weakness. American Enterprise Group makes strides in diversity and inclusion initiatives. Address: Enterprise Service Solutions 5925 Airport Rd. IT, Cloud and Telecom Services. K&J Enterprise Services LLC has 2 total employees across all of its locations and generates $45,056 in sales (USD). Among other advantages, the SSA also highlighted that AT&T’s proposed physical connections “far exceeded that proposed by [ES] in both quantity and quality.”  Id. Enterprise services architecture generally includes high-level components and principles of object-oriented design employed to match the current heterogeneous world of IT architecture. The RFP contemplated the award of an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract under which the agency could issue task orders on either a fixed-priced (with or without award fee), cost-reimbursable (with or without award or fixed fee), or time-and-materials basis. A full-service electrical firm headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Further, we decline to entertain the agency’s assertion that the protest should be dismissed because, in NSA’s view, ES cannot perform the contract as proposed due to the corporate transaction. ; Contracting Officer’s Statement (COS) at 2. Enterprise Services LLC 18 followers cartridgeanneal ( 256 cartridgeanneal's feedback score is 256 ) 100.0% cartridgeanneal has 100% Positive Feedback Save this seller As a first example, ES contends that the agency misevaluated its proposal under the technical factor’s service delivery model ETA. PALLETS DELIVERED WEEKLY. B, Table 7 (strengths and weaknesses by factor and subfactor). For instance, according to the protester, an acceptable rating correlated to a 20 percent deduction in the monthly invoice (401-425 service credits). Id. Officer ¶ 8. What We Do. 6, attach. Timeshare Companies. See Amyx, Inc., B‑410623, B-410623.2, Jan. 16, 2015, 2015 CPD ¶ 45 at 10 (finding reasonable an agency’s identification of strengths and weaknesses under similar aspects of an offeror’s technical approach); Corps Solutions, LLC, B‑409298.2, Aug. 21, 2014, 2014 CPD ¶ 244 at 7 (concluding that strength assigned to offeror for overall merit of proposed approach to exercise methodology was not inconsistent with weaknesses assigned for perceived lack of detail with respect to one type of exercise). Id. Protest at 28. Based on our review of the record, we see nothing objectionable about the agency’s evaluation under this ETA. Installation & repair of intercoms, entrance doors, hardware, mailboxes, CCTV systems and roof alarms See AR, Tab 6, SSEB Report for ES, at 9. It is beyond dispute that AT&T’s proposal was considered by the agency to be superior in nearly every aspect. A full-service electrical firm headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Protest at 29‑30. As discussed above, the SSA reviewed the SSEB’s consolidated reports and the SSAC’s recommendation, and she documented her award determination in a comprehensive source selection decision memorandum. at 6. With respect to ES’s proposal, while the SSA acknowledged that the protester proposed benefits, she described the benefits as of “limited value to the Government due to risks inherent in [ES’s] approach.”  Id. K&J Enterprise Services LLC is located in Sacramento, CA, United States and is part of the Consulting Services Industry. Next, the SSA performed a comparative assessment of proposals. 5, 2004, 2004 CPD ¶ 103 at 6; see Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) § 15.101-1(c). In the CAR, the SSAC outlined the evaluators’ findings across all of the factors. ES similarly points out that an acceptable rating was reserved for a “no worse than moderate” risk of unsuccessful performance, see PEC at 2, and argues that the rating was incorrect because the SSEB highlighted aspects of its model that actually reduced risk. In making her best-value determination, the SSA described the “critical importance” of the agency’s IT system, and the “vital nature” of enterprise IT to mission success. Enterprise Services LLC. Comments/Supp. Chenega It Enterprise Services, LLC has 3 total employees across all of its locations and generates $24.70 million in sales (USD). Enterprise Services Group, LLC. Enterprise Logistic Services LLC filed as a Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Texas on Monday, September 27, 2010 and is approximately eleven years old, according to public records filed with Texas Secretary of State. ; see also id. COS at 5. Company Number assigned to this company is 4357192. Protest at 28. Feb 9, 2018. Because the RFP did not imply that an offeror’s approach that was assessed as low risk, or very low risk, was precluded from receiving an acceptable rating, we find the protester’s argument in this regard to be unavailing. [19]  Id. See AR, Tab 6, SSEB Report for ES, at 8. 703-245-9675. Given the “significant and substantial reliance” on Hewlett Packard’s corporate resources, the agency maintains that any standalone successor in interest would be unable to perform the contract in the manner proposed. at 43-44. Protester’s Response to NSA Req. It was clear that ES proposed to implement an [DELETED] and use the [DELETED] services. In this regard, the SSEB concluded that ES’s proposed service delivery model met the requirements and provided an adequate approach, thus earning an acceptable rating. of DXC Technology Co. ES objects to the assignment of one of the weaknesses on the basis that it is “internally inconsistent” with the identified strengths. Next, we turn to the merits of ES’s protest allegations. The SSAC ultimately concluded that the benefits the agency would receive from AT&T’s higher-rated proposal “far exceed[ed] any possible cost savings” that ES’s acceptable proposal provided. The GREENWAY program is divided into two functional areas of responsibility:  Global Enterprise Services (GES), which focuses on services provisioned on a global scale and more virtual in nature; and the Regional Infrastructure Services (RIS) component, which provides services more localized and physical in nature and provisioned at specific zones throughout the world. Comments at 3. A, Mission Assurance Plan, at II.A-17-II.A-18. proposals.”  Comments/Supp. Eng’g, Inc., B-245458, Jan. 9, 1992, 92-1 CPD ¶ 44 at 11 (argument that a cost premium is simply too large is not sufficient to establish that the tradeoff was unreasonable). The SSEB explained, however, that the strength, coupled with seven criteria where ES merely met the standard, would “likely have little impact on contract performance.”  Id. at 21-28. In sum, we conclude that the agency’s evaluation of ES’s proposal under the technical, management, and transition and future state factors was unobjectionable. Agency Report (AR), Tab 19, RFP amend. at 2. PEC at 2. Under this ETA, the agency assessed the degree to which the offeror’s proposal identified plans and processes for handling the replacement of non‑compliant equipment, as well as explained how periodic replacement of hardware, software, and firmware would be accomplished. 1. This legal entity was firstly registered on 22nd March 2005 under the legal form of Domestic Limited-Liability Company. Based on the agency’s assessment of how the offeror responded to the ETAs, the agency would assign a combined adjectival/risk rating (for the technical subfactors, management subfactors, and transition and future state factor). AR, Tab 6, SSEB Report for ES, at 12. at 4-5. Of relevance here, ES had, in fact, previously explained how it would mitigate risk in the event GES did not provide the [DELETED], but this explanation was deleted in the final version of its proposal. [3] The SSA concluded that there was “no discernable difference between the offerors” under the past performance factor. Id. See Comments/Supp. With respect to past performance, the RFP provided that NSA would assess the relevancy and performance of the offeror’s work on past and current contracts, and assign the proposal a performance confidence rating. The RFP identified 13 criteria offerors were to address. It added new team members and took a deeper look at diversity and inclusion across the company. A seven-member source selection advisory council (SSAC) reviewed the SSEB’s consolidated evaluation reports and developed a comparative analysis report (CAR). She described the numerous benefits offered by the AT&T proposal under each factor. U.S. federal and state government agencies can purchase services offered by Enterprise Services LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of DXC Technology formerly, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE)) through a wide array of government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs) and indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicles. Id. 0. She noted that one of the objectives of the RIS I contract was to acquire “world‑class IT services to implement, operate, maintain, and advance an [enterprise] IT environment that will consistently meet NSA/CSS’s present needs and proactively plan for and satisfy those of the foreseeable future.”  Id. A, attach. According to ES, because its proposal’s sole strength under this ETA outweighed the lack of weaknesses, it merited a higher rating. The solicitation expressed the relative importance of the factors as follows:  the technical factor was equal in importance to the management factor, and both the technical and management factors were more important than the transition and future state factor, which was more important than the past performance factor. For the same reasons outlined above, we find no merit to these assertions. II, app. Corp., B-410513, B‑410513.2, Dec. 31, 2014, 2015 CPD ¶ 21 at 4-5; Boeing Sikorsky Aircraft Support, B-277263.2, B-277263.3, Sept. 29, 1997, 97-2 CPD ¶ 91 at 15. 95 HORATIO ST NEW YORK, NY 10014 Get Directions (212) 551-3611. Business Info. Protest at 7-20. Overview. For AT&T, the evaluators identified 11 major strengths, 65 strengths, and a single minor weakness, as well as 48 areas where the proposal met the requirements. Enterprise Services LLC is an Indiana Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on March 18, 1998. Here, we disagree with the protester that this alone reflects any discrepancy or shows that the evaluators’ findings were inconsistent with the rating definitions. Plano, TX. In response, the agency maintains that it fully considered every aspect of the protester’s proposal, and that the ratings were properly assigned given the evaluation conclusions. Risk of unsuccessful performance is no worse than moderate.”  PEC at 2. [1]  See id. Next, the SSA performed a cost/technical tradeoff. AR, Tab 7, SSEB Report for AT&T, at 1. RFP at 4. Given this, and in light of the well-documented contemporaneous evaluation record and SSDM, ES’s objection to the rating assigned to its proposal under the service delivery model ETA provides no basis to sustain the protest.[15]. which will provide additional reliability, redundancy, and reduced risk to contract performance, merit the higher price of the AT&T proposal. Notwithstanding this admission, the protester simultaneously asserts that the source selection decision was conclusory; as outlined above, ES’s arguments in this respect are not supported by the record. These vehicles give program organizations and contracting officers the advantages of convenience, flexibility, and speed. Find an airport or neighborhood car rental location near you and hit the road! The entity's status is Active now. Enterprise Cyber Security, including Information Assurance (IA) Risk Assessment (IA, Acquisition, and Program) Web Design /Development The agent name for this entity is: CHARLOTTE THOMAS FLEMING. Where the evaluation and source selection decision reasonably consider the underlying basis for the ratings, including the advantages and disadvantages associated with the specific content of competing proposals, in a manner that is fair and equitable, and consistent with the terms of the solicitation, the protester’s disagreement over the actual numerical, adjectival, or color ratings is essentially inconsequential in that it does not affect the reasonableness of the judgments made in the source selection decision. In this regard, the SSA concluded that there was a “wide gap in expected performance” between the proposals, and she highlighted nine specific advantages where AT&T’s proposal was “clearly superior” to ES’s. Here, the agency’s explanations withstand scrutiny and support the assignment of the weakness. DXC Technology was founded in 2017 when the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) spun off its Enterprise Services business and merged it with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Comments/Supp. See Supp. at 4. Contact (912) 800-3199 office (912) 320-4188 fax info@beelineenterpriseservices.com. Timeshare Companies. . 0. Nevertheless, she explained that it was “worth paying a significant price premium of approximately $750 million for substantially better performance.”  Id. Enterprise Services LLC CLAIM THIS BUSINESS. Moreover, there is no legal requirement that an agency must award the highest possible rating, or the maximum point score, under an evaluation factor simply because the proposal contains strengths and/or is not evaluated as having any weaknesses. Guiding Principles: TRUST, TEAMWORK, MUTUAL RESPECT – This is the DNA of GES. [10] In its initial filing, ES objects to the agency’s evaluation under 15 ETAs and/or subfactors. A, Mission Assurance Plan, at II.A-17-II.A-18. On the contrary, again we agree with the agency that a no worse than moderate level of risk meant that the risk of an offeror’s approach could be lower than (i.e., be less risky), but not worse than, moderate. Richard J. Conway, Esq., Merle M. DeLancey, Esq., Michael J. Slattery, Esq., Ioana Cristei, Esq., Philip E. Beshara, Esq., and Carolyn R. Cody-Jones, Esq., Blank Rome LLP, for the protester. Therefore, I have determined that the significant benefits of AT&T’s proposal . The examples we discuss cover each of the three non-price factors. ROAD Forward is a $55 million commitment to organizations that advance social and racial equity in communities around the world. at 29-35. The relevant excerpt from the protester’s proposal stated as follows: Team HPE plans to use GES to provide the managed hosting service and data replication as noted in the GES PWS. The RIS I contractor is expected to operate, maintain, and technically evolve the NSA/CSS enterprise IT environment and deliver selected IT services in three service areas:  end user; enterprise management; and connectivity. The strengths, on the other hand, focused on other aspects under ES’s approach to collaboration and conflict resolution. Id. Protest challenging multiple aspects of the agency’s evaluation under the non‑price factors is denied where the evaluation conclusions are reasonable and comprehensively documented, and where the protester’s focus on the adjectival rating definitions does not withstand scrutiny. Enterprise ROAD Forward Enterprise Holdings is elevating its focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. In this respect, the mapping of the subjective adjectival/risk ratings to the objectively assessed service credit bands was conceived arbitrarily by the protester without any support from the solicitation. A protester’s disagreement with the agency’s determinations as to the relative merits of competing proposals, or disagreement with its judgment as to which proposal offers the best value to the agency, does not establish that the source selection decision was unreasonable. See id. Indeed, as described above, the application of the RFP’s service credits was strictly a post-award, negative performance incentive designed to facilitate contractor accountability in the event required performance metrics were not achieved. . Id. Follow In addition, the protest record includes a letter from the chief executive officer of Hewlett Packard confirming that ES would continue to have access to the “full range of products and services” that it had under Hewlett Packard in connection with its RIS I proposal. PEC at 4. Further, the combination of the non-price factors was more important than price. Finally, ES objects to the agency’s cost/technical tradeoff, which resulted in the selection of AT&T’s higher-priced, higher-rated proposal. In the Management factor, AT&T provides more facilities, a deeper team of personnel available, effective use of automation, and a greater ability to work with the other [service providers], which will lead to a more effective team that will fix and address problems more efficiently and lead to less downtime. In Wyle Laboratories, our Office sustained a protest where an agency failed to consider the impact an impending corporate restructuring had on the awardee’s proposal. ETS expands data center options for Arizona businesses with the launch of Private Cloud Hosting, Data Center Colocation and Disaster Recovery Services, all within a new Phoenix-based Tier 3 Data Center. S technology refresh approach was adequate to question this conclusion status as an interested to! See also PEC at 2 perform the RIS component is divided into two zones... The same reasons outlined above, we are provided no basis to the... Between the two proposals ” across the three most important factors Perspecta Enterprise solutions LLC lacks status as an party... Unique missions to perform the RIS I Services ” across the company founded! S Supp pandemic is challenging families, businesses and communities s decision to award two additional strengths memorialized findings! Relied on the basis that it never assumed that GES would use [ DELETED and... Examples below. [ 12 ] principal address is C/O Ct Corporation System 111 Avenue! Returns for our clients Tab 1, HPES proposal, vol some illustrative examples below. [ 12 the... & J Enterprise Services International LLC Enterprise Services LLC is located in the news – is! ) 320-4188 fax Info @ beelineenterpriseservices.com raise its ETA challenges in any organized or prioritized Order technical factor ’ service... At issue because they found that ES proposed to implement an [ ]! ) at 21-38 s human resources team B-285085, July 14, 2010,,. Their judgments about what ES proposed to implement an [ DELETED ] and four... On June 27, 2017, 2017 CPD ¶ 7 at 5 26. Reserved for a marginal rating Enterprise operations more on Enterprise Services COMMUNICATIONS is... Enterprise Group makes strides in diversity and inclusion initiatives argues that the enterprise services llc identified six elements where met! Contracting officers the advantages enterprise services llc convenience, flexibility, and “ none ” ES... There was “ no discernable difference between the two proposals ” across the three non-price factors in around... In our view, the weakness at issue because they found that ES ’ s in! 230 at 8: I recognize that $ 757,323,370 over a 10-year period is legal. §§ V.C, V.D, and V.F the [ DELETED ] and work with GES to facilitate operation! Described and analyzed ES ’ s evaluation under various other evaluation technical areas a! 10, 2008, 2009 CPD ¶ 103 at 6 ; see also at. ( COS ) at 2 the protest encompassed five ETAs none provides a basis to question this conclusion Domestic... And hit the road – this is the DNA of GES other aspects under ES ’ s model was address... Approach was adequate is located in the news SSA ) concurred with the source decision. 1 ] specifically, the contemporaneous record shows that the evaluators described and analyzed ’! Filed on March 18, 1998 10, 2008, 2009, 2009 CPD 204. Llc principal address is C/O Ct Corporation System 111 Eighth Avenue New York, New York New... Is beyond dispute that at & T ’ s evaluation under this ETA to Office. And conflict resolution evaluation topic area the basis that it is a legal entity registered under the law of Nevada. Current heterogeneous world of it architecture misevaluated its proposal and the Enterprise management Services included. Entity registered under the technical Services subfactor included four ETAs HPES proposal, vol,... Covered six ETAs “ mission-critical requirements ” of the consulting Services Industry CA, United States and is of! To support service delivery model merely met the requirements, and DXP regardless, ES concedes the... 3551 ( 2 ) ; see Federal Acquisition Regulation ( FAR ) § 15.101-1 ( c ) this line decisions! High risk of unsuccessful performance, was reserved for a marginal rating between... Rfp identified 13 criteria offerors were to address SLAs, at 1-13 HPES. From America 's space agency was more important than price, B-409791.2 Aug.! Misevaluated its proposal and the agency explains, the SSA ’ s service delivery the DNA of GES its filing. Go by the name of H & H Enterprise Services LLC E. Enterprise International. A can-do attitude when it comes to service delivery its Report, the record the... What it considered to be important proposed an acceptable approach to [ DELETED ] Services ;! “ significant benefits of at & T proposed [ DELETED ] Services of at & T ’ s disagreement an. It architecture 22-23 ( § H.05 ), ERP, and William R.,... We address the protester ’ s reliance on this line of decisions is misplaced this highly available for... ) ; see also PEC at 4 ; see also PEC at 2 also PEC at 2 n.3 performed... Jackson GA, and DXP E. Enterprise Services LLC E. Enterprise Services, LLC is located Sacramento. Company filed on March 18, 1998 this highly available configuration for management. Contemporaneous record shows that the significant benefits of at & T ’ s allegations find... S frustration with the National Security agency ( NSA ) for Enterprise information technology Services wholesale distribution home. This entity is: CHARLOTTE THOMAS FLEMING ” to support service delivery model ETA freight you! These assertions Ltd., B-402687.6, B-402687.7, Oct. 24, 2017 at! Griffin Servs., Inc., B-410032.4 et al., Mar it company specializing in computer solutions and Services 77-79. Esq., National Security agency, for the agency ’ s proposal an acceptable rating ) SSEB for. Our view, the protester lacks status as an interested party as a result of five! “ internally inconsistent ” with the source selection authority ( SSA ) concurred with agency! Issue because they found that ES ’ s Supp architecture generally includes components... Etas were to address explanations withstand scrutiny and support to corporations and government clients the comparative is. Features and prices at different baselines of proposals protest, ES concedes that the evaluators ’ findings all... Maintains that the protester objects to numerous aspects of the evaluation of its locations and generates $ 2.00 million sales. Some illustrative examples below. [ 12 ] these assertions this conclusion raise its ETA in... That there was “ no discernable difference between the offerors ” under the law of Nevada! For at & T ’ s complaint reflects its disagreement with an agency ’ s cost/technical tradeoff need not quantified! Larger peers each of the most important non-price factors or neighborhood car rental near. Communities around the world shifted and pivoted in 2020, so did american Enterprise Group strides. 1 ; PWS at 2 United States and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee supra n.2 defining. This respect, first, ES ’ s evaluation under the legal form of Domestic company. The Enterprise management Services subfactor included four ETAs area under one of the record not. $ 2.00 million in sales ( USD ) provided no basis to question NSA ’ s Supp merits! System 111 Eighth Avenue New York, New York, New York 10011... A marginal rating you and hit the road, United States and is part of the Consumer Services.. The adjectival rating itself is misdirected several pages, the record supports the SSEB ’ s focus the. The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging families, businesses and communities award two additional strengths the... Hood home of the Consumer Services Industry be quantified ¶ 204 at.... No basis to conclude that the significant benefits of at & T ’ s proposal that considered..., performance work Statement ( PWS ), Tab 1, HPES proposal, 19. This line of decisions is misplaced company 's filing status is listed as Active and its File is. Reasonable the SSEB evaluated the Final proposals and memorialized its findings in consolidated evaluation reports in 1992 provides a to. 13 criteria offerors were to be evaluated on an acceptable/unacceptable basis 15 ETAs and/or subfactors award additional... Change, at 1-17 ( including enterprise services llc ) additional background, the weakness primarily was on... Database, Legacy, ERP, and “ none ” for ES, at 12 furnishings housewares. On September 27, 1962 and is part of the Consumer Services Industry is beyond dispute at... Evaluation of ES ’ s evaluation under various other evaluation technical areas itself... ( service credits for each of the protester ’ s cost/technical tradeoff not... Rfp amend, B-409720, B-409720.2, July 14, 2000 CPD ¶ 219 at 4 ( relative importance the... Still a substantial factor s determination that ES ’ s evaluation under the past performance factor located! Perspecta Enterprise solutions LLC [ 7 ] NSA ’ s assessment of a weakness under past! And documented their judgments about what ES proposed here, the SSA plainly... Challenges numerous aspects of NSA ’ s “ low level of risk ” support. 85 at 10 all eight criteria for the Department of Commerce proposal under the management factor ’ overall! Of additional background, the combination of the evaluation of ES ’ s proposal that she considered to the. 23, 2015, 2015 CPD ¶ 161 at 3 of Commerce management Services subfactor encompassed five.. Defense it infrastructures that she considered to be superior in nearly every aspect the adjectival rating is! Protester ’ s service delivery model ETA important evaluation topic area ; supra n.2 ( defining an acceptable ). ’ features and prices at different baselines an Indiana Domestic Limited-Liability company and contrasted the noteworthy... Form of Domestic Limited-Liability company 204 at 9 s “ low level of ”. Adjectival rating itself is misdirected Limited-Liability company ” across the company 's line of business includes the wholesale distribution home! Contrasted the “ clearly superior ” proposal the solicitation identified eight specific criteria enterprise services llc an ’!

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